My Story
 ​​Start of my career….

After graduating from college in 2003 I worked in the corporate world for a couple years in financing and the mortgage industry when I realized how much financial literacy I lacked.  I was first introduced to the world of network marketing along with real estate investing at this time also and my eyes were truly open to the possibilities.   I began working on my network marketing business part time and investing in Real Estate while I still had my J.O.B.  After a few months of creating more income with my part time businesses than I was making on my full time job I retired myself from the corporate world at the young age of 23 and starting working full time on building for my future.  The real estate market was really booming during this time, so I totally started to focus on that industry only.  I regularly had 5 figure months and  generated large sums upwards of fifty thousand dollars for selling single family homes.

Business was great, but then it all came crashing down and I wasn’t prepared for the mortgage bust and financial crisis that hit in 2007.  I had only experienced the rapid growth and all of a sudden that run had ended.  That’s when I had a tough decision to make, while owning a half million dollar home, my wife was pregnant with our first son and there was more bills due than income coming in monthly.  After getting behind on my mortgage and my credit cards, I was facing foreclosure and bankruptcy all within next 6 months after the real estate market crashing. What direction would I turn?  Even though I didn’t know what I would do next to earn the income to support my family I refused to get another J.O.B. and trade my time for money.  I refer to this as I had became psychologically unemployable through my experiences.  My entrepreneur spirits had taking over and my ambitions to maintain the lifestyle I was accustomed to at the age of 25 was what drove me into my next phase. 

My next chapter….

That’s when I was introduced to the world of online marketing.  I began my research online and saw success story after success story of average people earning above average incomes.  There were people from all walks of life all over the world creating fortunes online from the comfort of their own homes.  I knew if they could do it, so could I if I just learned the secrets to their success.  So I dove in and invested thousands of dollars in every course that caught my attention and joined multiple opportunities trying to find my niche.  I diversified my portfolio this time, since I vowed never to have “all my eggs in one basket” again. 
After I learned to necessary skills to generate cash on demand online that’s when it all changed again.  The internet marketing industry transitioned with new rules, various social media platforms, and multiple opportunities sufaced weekly.  Also the most frustrating part was I really wanted to help the people that joined me also be successful and only the top marketers or gurus were making the real money due to the learning curve and volatility of the industry.  So even with my modest early success the average person continued to fail at a staggering 95% failure rate.  Needless to say I took a break from the industry and focused back on my Real Estate career for the next several years.  Being back in real estate gave me some of the financial independence I was pursuing, however I still didn't have the balance to fulfill some of my other long term goals: impacting others on a global scale through my experiences and teaching others how to earn passive income online and enjoy lifestyle freedom.

My journey to my destiny….

Then it all came together in the spring of 2017.  After reviewing and testing multipe opportunities, I had no desire to come back online and build another business. I didn’t see any value in most of the opportunities for the average person to succeed, so I wasn't interested in putting my name on anything.  That’s when I was introduced to my top tier marketing system.  After several months of reviews, private meetings and due deligence, for the first time I felt passionate about a solid business lead by the right people, with a turnkey proven full marketing system, and the top compensation plan in theindustry with true leverage and professional sales closers working for you that allows anyone to finally succeed. Now I'm confidently able to share the best way for the average person to finally win. Business is all about timing and positioning and you have the best of both with this opportunity that recently launched to level the playing field.   One of my personal development coaches gave me a motto that I’ve lived by for the last 10 years “Produce more than you need for yourself, so you can bless others”.  Jim Rohn
And the great Zig Ziglar's philosophy “You can get everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want”.  These are the two principles I live by daily and why I have partnered with the best opportunity in the world to help others earn 6 or 7 figures online!

Are you next?  You are here for a reason, so take action on your future today!

It’s different here, so come join my team and you too can earn the income you and live the lifestyle you deserve!

Yours in Success,

Aaron S. Johnson

Indianapolis, Indiana 12/25/2016